Candidates Sourced

GRW Recruitment will source candidates through a variety of means and complete an enhanced pre-screening process with each candidate. The process is tailored to your organisation’s requirements ensuring that the correct candidates are placed in training.

Bespoke Training

Our experienced trainers have extensive knowledge of Sales and Customer Service through both Outbound and Inbound channels. The bespoke training will allow GRW Recruitment to focus on the areas and techniques that are relevant to your organisation.

Successful Placement

Following the successful completion of the GRW Recruitment bespoke training, the candidate will have the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude to contribute toward the success of your organisation. Each quarter we will meet to hold a candidate review.


At GRW Recruitment, we offer a comprehensive knowledge of recruitment across a range of sectors with industry specialists to hand. This dedicated and focused approach allows us to provide a first class quality of service to both candidates and clients meaning you can rest assured that you’re in the most capable of hands.


We believe in a more personalised approach to recruitment which is why we speak to every single applicant directly to assess their skills for a particular role. This approach also extends to our clients who we establish a personal relationship with to better aid the growth and development of their business over the long term.


Our vast experience of over 25 years means we are aware of the nuances and challenges businesses face when recruiting, both in the short term and long term. As a result of this seasoned knowledge we are able to better identify candidates who will succeed within each particular role, ensuring success for all involved.